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Conversation. My name is Joshua Brown

A. Listen and practice


A. COMPLETE THE CONVERSATION. Use my, your, his, or her.

1. A. Hello. What's name ?

    B. Hi. name is Carlos.

   What's name ?

   A. name is Akina.

2. A. What's name ?

    B. name is Ethan.

   And what's name ?

   A. name is Carolina.

B. PAIR WORK. Practice the converations with a partner.

SPEAKING Spelling names

A. Listen and practice

B. CLASS ACTIVITY Listen and practice. Then practice with your own names.
Make a list of your classmates' names.

LISTENING Your name, please?

How do you spell the names? Listen and check (✓) the correct answers.

Kate Erick Sophia Zackary
Cate Eric Sofia Zachary

CONVERSATION Are you Andrea Clark?

A. Listen and practice


A. Complete the conversation with the correct words in the parentheses.
Then practice with a partner.

Ben : Hello, Christy. How you?

Christy : fine, thanks. sorry - what's your name again?

Ben : Ben - Ben Durant.

Christy : That' right! Ben, this Joshua Brown.

              in our history class.

Ben : nice to meet you.

Joshua : Hi, Ben. I think in my English class, too.

Ben :Oh, right! Yes, I .

B. Complete the conversations. Then practice in groups.

Cara: Excuse me. you Alex Lane?

James: No, not. My name James Harris. Alex over there.

Cara: Oh, sorry.

Cara: you Alex Lane?

Alex: Yes, I .

Cara: Hi. Cara Ruiz .

Alex: Oh, in my history class, right?

Cara:Yes, I .

Alex: nice to meet you, Cara.

SPEAKING Personal information

A. Listen and practice.

B. PAIR WORK Practice these phone numbers and email addresses.
Then listen and check your answers.

LISTENING Contact information

A. Isabella and Joshua are making a list of classmates' phone numbers and email addresses. Listen and complete the list.

B. CLASS ACTIVITY Make a list of yout classmates' names,
phone numbers, and email addresses.