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Free IELTS preparation

This is my personal IELTS website. It gives 100%  free help with IELTS preparation. The lessons here are what I do with my students in my class – just adapted for people studying by themselves on the internet. In it you will find:

  • My IELTS blog: these are daily lessons with suggestions on how to study all the 4 skills – almost all of them have exercises for you to do
  • Links to other good places: that’s the way the net works – it connects. I don’t have all the answers. No one does. So what I like  to do is send you off to the best places for free IELTS preparation online.
  • Short guides to the exam:

If you want more personal help, contact one of the tutors on the tutors page or leave me a comment. Almost a third of the comments here are by me. That means you have a 50/50 chance of a personal answer. More or less the only ones I don’t answer are the ones saying thank you!

Get daily lessons on my IELTS Blog

Each day of the week I publish a new lesson on an IELTS skill. You can find  my daily IELTS lesson here or you can subscribe to the site and receive them in your inbox.

Exam guides

The best advice is not just to start anywhere, but to focus your learning. To help you do this you can use my guides to the separate sections of the IELTS test with resources for you to practise your skills

IELTS Writing Guide

  • Bands score explanation
  • Lessons on writing skills
  • Essay questions and model answers
  • Task 1 reports
  • Tips on exam writing
  • Vocabulary for essays and task 1

Go to the writing

IELTS Speaking Guide

  • Band score explanation
  • Sample questions and model answers
  • Speaking videos
  • Exam tips
  • Vocabulary

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IELTS Listening Guide

  • Practice tests
  • Band score calculator
  • Exam tips

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IELTS Reading Guide

  • Practice tests
  • Guide to different question types
  • Band score calculator
  • Exam tips

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IELTS word of the day

If you are interested in improving your academic vocabulary, every day of the week I publish a new exercise from the Academic Word List.  The Academic Word List is probably the most important source there is for IELTS vocabulary.

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